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Frequently asked questions

Why aren't the Toaster Waffles available in my city?

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Due to it being a Frozen product, our Toaster Waffles cannot be shipped outside of Mumbai. We hope to be able to service orders in other cities in the near future!

Can I only prepare the Toaster Waffles in a toaster?

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No, you can also prepare the Toaster Waffles using an OTG, Oven and even your Tawa! Please check out our 'How to prepare' videos on our Home Page.

Will the Toaster Waffles last in the refrigerator?

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The Toaster Waffles are meant to be stored in the Freezer. However, once removed from the Freezer the Toaster Waffles will last for 48 hours if stored in the refrigerator.

What is a 'Stroopwafel'?

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A 'Stroopwafel' is a thinly sliced waffle-cookie with a caramel filling. “Stroop” means caramel syrup, and “Wafel” means waffle.

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order delays due to diwali holidays

Dear customer, our facility is shut from the 4-7th of November. All orders placed between the 4th - 7th will be processed by the 8th (Monday). Please bear with us as there may be a delay in receiving order updates and shipping information. Thank you!

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